Best of the GHC Blog!

The Green Home Cleaning blog has been bringing you great, helpful cleaning tips and green lifestyle ideas for just over four years! We thought we'd celebrate this month with a round-up of some of the best blog posts we've published over the years. From fighting stinky smells to getting your office organized, this list of articles has something for nearly any house cleaning headache! Click on the linked titles to view the full blog posts.

1. Eleven Habits of Highly Organized People

In this post, we offer tips and tricks for how to get more organized, feel more productive, and get more done, without losing your sanity. Check it out!

2. What to Look For in a Home Cleaning Service

In "What to Look For in a Home Cleaning Service", we share pointers for researching and interviewing cleaning services in your area. Use this checklist to ensure that your final selection is a company that will behave professionally, do a great job, and treat you with respect!

3. Tips For Getting Kids to Clean Their Rooms

Tackle the perennial parental struggle of getting your kids to take responsibility for their own belongings with the creative tactics in this blog post!

4. How to Erase the Rings From Your Toilet Bowl

If you have mineral-heavy water in your home, you NEED this post. In it, we share a simple, stress-free way to remove the unsightly rings from your toilets, leaving them bright and clean, without any need for toxic cleaning products!

5. Eight Green Cleaning Tips for Cats and Their People

Are you a cat owner? The tips in this post will help you control cat fur and dander, litter messes and odors, and other cat-related problems in your home.

6. Five Green Ways to Prevent and Eliminate Bad Smells in Your Home

From the garbage disposal to the shoe rack, use the ideas in this blog post to combat unpleasant odors in your home, without harsh chemicals!

7. Organize Your Office and Increase Productivity!

This post covers six ways to eliminate entropy in your office. Restore your sanity and see your productivity skyrocket with these tips!

8. A Busy Mom's Letter to Santa

Here's a fun holiday post we published a couple of Decembers ago. It's cute and funny, and it sheds light on what busy moms really want for Christmas.

9. Green Cleaning With Dogs

If you're a dog lover, you'll definitely benefit from the pointers in this blog post. Learn green and effective ways to tackle muddy pawprints, dog hair and dander, and even the dreaded "dog smell"!

10. Houseplants for a Clean, Green Home!

Learn how houseplants can help keep your home green and clean by purifying the air. This post also includes a list of the 12 best houseplants for home air purification.

Best of the Green Home Cleaning Blog!

Over the past few years, we've discussed lots of different ideas, techniques and tips for how to keep your home clean and green! This month, I thought I'd post a round-up of some of our best blog posts. From how to get your kids to help around the house, to which houseplants you can choose to help make your cleaning and greening easier to manage, these posts are chock-full of great, useful information!

1. How to Get Your Kids to Help Around the House


This post contains information about age-appropriate chores for kids, as well as a few tips on how to motivate your kids to pitch in without resorting to drastic measures! It's the perfect quick guide for busy moms and dads.

2. Things You're Probably Forgetting to Clean


In "8 Things You're Probably Forgetting to Clean", we offer up a checklist of the eight most important "out of sight, out of mind" areas of your home that need periodic or seasonal cleaning. Chances are, you're probably forgetting about at least a few of them, so schedule a seasonal cleaning day in your calendar and use this handy guide to help you.

3. How to Keep Your Electronic Devices Clean


This post covers everything from dusting keyboards to cleaning tablet screens. Check it out before you attempt any DIY electronics cleaning!

4. Organize Your Office and Increase Productivity!


This blog post is great for anyone who works at a desk, whether in a home office or in a shared office outside of the house. It contains six simple tips for how to reduce office clutter and bring greater focus and productivity to your work day!

5. How to Clean Your Bathroom in Half the Time


In "Six Ways to Clean Your Bathroom in Half the Time", we cover ways to control clutter in your bathroom, as well as quickie tips for cleaning your shower, toilet and surfaces. Check it out!

6. Houseplants for a Clean, Green Home!


This post has a list of the twelve best houseplants for filtering harmful toxins out of the air, while making your indoor space look and feel clean and green.

7. Green Laundry Tips


Learn how to rid your home of bleach and other harmful laundry cleaning agents, plus how to conserve water and energy in the laundry room without compromising on the quality of the clean!

We hope you enjoy all these informative blog posts. Keep checking back on the Green Home Cleaning blog periodically for more amazing tips!