“And this mess is so big 
And so deep and so tall, 
We cannot pick it up. 
There is no way at all!” 
 Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

It's easy to get overwhelmed at home.  With everything (and everyone!) that needs our attention during the day, cleaning often gets put off until it piles up.  And on top of that, now you are worrying about what chemicals are in those cleaners under your kitchen sink.....and why are you paying so much for them?  Maybe you should go green....but won't that just be more expensive?

Absolutely not!  Green cleaning doesn't have to cost more at all.  In fact, making your own green cleaning supplies can often save you quite a bit of money, and take less time than it takes to drive to the store.  Often with ingredients you probably already have at home!  

So today I will share with you one of my favorite homemade cleaners.  This one is great for bathrooms, as the vinegar fights mildew and disinfects, and the essential oils cut down on the vinegar smell.

What you'll need:

1 tsp. borax
1 T castile soap 
1/8 c. white vinegar
2 c. hot water
15 - 20 drops lavender essential oil (or any essential oil you prefer)
16 oz. spray bottle

Put the borax in the spray bottle and add hot water.  This will help dissolve the borax.  Next add the vinegar, then the castile soap.  Then add the essential oil.  That's it!  Happy cleaning!