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10 Spots You Might Not Be Cleaning- But Should Be!

We all do our best to keep a clean and tidy home, but everyone knows there are spots around the house that are all too easy to miss since they’re not often thought of as part of our normal cleaning routine. Especially now, these are important little tasks to add to your to-do list to enjoy a sanitary home. Here are our top ten missed spots around the house:

1. Dishwasher filter. We tend to think of our cleaning appliances as being clean already, but when is the last time you took out your dishwasher filter and cleaned it? If you’re surprised to hear that your dishwasher has a filter, it may be time to add it to the to-do list. If you see food particles around your dishwasher still after it has run, that’s a good sign it needs cleaning.

2. Picture frames. It can be easy to miss the amount of dust that accumulates on top of picture frames, but just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there! Make sure to wipe down the glass with cleaner as well for that extra sparkle.

3. Ceiling fan. Another case of “if I can’t see the dust, it isn’t there”! The tops of ceiling fan blades can accumulate more dust than we realize, which is important to clean off before it flies around the room when the fan is turned on. This is also a good time to dust any spider webs away that could be hiding in the corners of your ceiling. Make sure to vacuum afterwards so the dust isn’t stuck in your carpet!

4. Light switches. Something we touch every day but rarely think to clean. Simply give it a wipe with your favorite organic cleaning solution, preferably at least once a week!

5. Window screens. Most of us would never think about it, but particles such as pollen and dust can easily get stuck in our window screens. Just remove the window screen, soak it in hot water, and give it a good wipe down with a cloth to remove.

6. Trash cans. Not just the outside, the inside too! A dirty trash can make the whole kitchen smell even without a bag full of trash inside. Give it a good scrub inside and out with your favorite organic cleaning solution, then sprinkle baking soda at the bottom of the can to help deodorize!

7. Curtains. Some curtains are able to be washed in a normal washing machine while others will require dry-cleaning. Make sure to check the tag to see which yours requires!

8. Door knobs. Another thing around the house that we touch every day but often don’t think about when it comes time to clean. These are very important to disinfect all around your home!

9. Remote controls. Especially during quarantine many of us have found ourselves watching more television than usual- but are you cleaning your remote more often than usual too? Those buttons need to be sanitized!

10. Cell phone. Last but not least, this one should be being cleaned much more often than most people think to do so. We carry them with us everywhere, from work to restaurants to public bathrooms, and we don’t often think about where we set them down. Especially since we touch the phone to our face when we call, it is extremely important that both the front and back of your cell phone stay clean! Not cleaning it not only breeds germs, but it can actually make your skin break out from the germs on the screen. Not to mention the fact that we touch our phones while eating, without thinking of where they have been throughout our day.

We promise, you’ll sleep better at night knowing your house is truly clean after completing these ten often missed chores! Until next time, happy cleaning!

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