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Announcing Our New Green Power Partnership!

For the past decade, we’ve been helping people go green by bringing healthy, non-toxic cleaning solutions into their homes and lives. But going green isn’t only about the changing the products we use in our homes, it’s also about reducing our wider impact upon the environment. It’s up to us, as individuals, families, and businesses, to protect the environment and ensure its sustainability for the enjoyment of future generations.

That’s why we are so pleased to announce that we are now a Clean Energy Business and an EPA Green Power Partner! We have partnered with national clean energy provider, Arcadia Power, to support local wind and solar projects that will help reduce America’s dependence on fossil fuels. Green Home Cleaning is committed to building a brighter future for everyone by using renewable power, supporting local green jobs that cannot be outsourced, and fighting pollution and climate change.

Arcadia Power is the first nationwide Clean Energy utility option. By partnering with wind and solar projects, Arcadia Power provides homes and businesses with 100% pollution-free energy via local utilities. Members support their values through their monthly electricity bills, decreasing demand for fossil fuels and helping to grow American jobs. Arcadia Power partners with sustainability-minded companies and organizations to combat climate change and secure a better future for our planet.

And the really great news is that you can get involved, too! By signing up for clean energy with Arcadia Power, you can redirect your energy expenditures to clean, green alternatives, AND you’ll get a $25 gift certificate to Green Home Cleaning!

To learn more about how you can get involved, visit our referral page.

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