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April Cleaning in Asheville

It’s always exciting to watch the mountains come back to life at the turn of the season, and along with it comes a difficult but important task: Spring Cleaning! While it’s never fun to dig deep into our dust bunnies, it really is best to start your summer season off on the right foot, and future you will thank you for your efforts today!

With all that in mind, we at Green Home Cleaning would like to share with you some lesser known, expert level spring cleaning techniques that our researchers were able to uncover.

1 - Polish your driveway. Most people go their whole lives without realizing that pavement in its natural form is transparent, quite like the glass on your windows! The dark black color that accumulates on pavement over time is a result of debris from your tires mixing with the road crystals of the outer layer. In order to restore your driveways to their original mint condition, simply take some steel wool or a rough sponge, mix some warm water and dish soap, and scrub away! This may take some time on pavement that hasn’t been cleaned for a while, so if it doesn’t work right away, don’t lose hope! An alternative method for rock-filled driveways can be done with a shovel and a wheelbarrow. Just dig until you reach that pristine first layer. Your neighbors will surely be jealous!

2 - Water the house. Over the winter, the air temperature tends to drop, thus causing moisture to leave the atmosphere. This can lead to moderate to severe dehydration and discoloration of the outer painted layer of your house. Many homeowners are not aware that the outer layer of your house behaves very similar to the outer layer of our bodies, our skin! In order to properly nourish your house, start the spring right by giving your house a nice shower with the hose, making sure to fully hydrate all those nooks and crannies so it can get properly absorbed. With some elbow grease, that house will look freshly painted in no time. And if you really want to go the extra mile, go ahead and rub some lotion into the problem areas you can see.

3 - Create pathways for fresh air. One of the best things about the spring and summer in Asheville is that delicious mountain air! Unfortunately, if you want to sit in the comfort of your house, there are often obstacles between you and the flow of that sweet summer breeze, namely walls, doors, windows, you name it. Believe it or not, it is a little known fact that almost all solid objects actually obstruct the wind from flowing freely! The solution to this conundrum is elegant yet simple, and most could do it with the proper tools. To begin, simply sit on your living room couch, or perhaps in your bed. Wherever you enjoy spending time the most is the place you should choose. Next, close one eye, and cup one hand on top of the other in an open fashing, thus forming a telescope for you to look through. Aim your telescope at between 1 and 3 locations where you wish you could feel a nice breeze. Mark those locations with a crayon. Finally, take a hammer, crowbar, or other heavy blunt object, and work through those areas until you see an opening. Viola! You have successfully made a beautiful passage for that wonderful air to find you wherever you are! If this doesn’t shout feng shui, we can’t imagine what will!

While Green Home Cleaning can do an excellent job cleaning your house at a great price, we unfortunately do not offer these services at this time.

April fools.

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