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Cleaning and Mental Health Cont.

Welcome back! We hope you've enjoyed your holiday season! If you haven't' already, please read our previous blog titled "Cleaning and Mental Health". The blog focuses on the importance of having a clean, clutter free home to reduce your stress levels and improve overall mental health. In the previous blog we asked each of you to create a list of things you need done in your home on a regular basis. We also asked you to take the previous month to remove clutter from your home so you can begin your 20 minutes A Day Cleaning. That's right! Just 20 minutes a day!

In order to make this easier for you, we have created a "To-Do List" for you to follow if wish to do so, also as previously stated, this can be a guideline; the same things don't work for everyone. Please adjust as you see fit to accommodate your needs and personal schedule.

20 minutes A Day To Do List:

**Be sure that each day you take a few minutes to clean up around the house. We always leave items in places they don't actually belong. You can do this while you brush your teeth or your coffee is brewing. There is always time, and it only takes a few minutes.

Monday: Dusting

Tuesday: Kitchen Appliances

Wednesday: Bathroom Counters, Shelves, Mirrors etc.

Thursday: Showers/Bathtubs

Fridays: Floors

Now, you may be looking at this and thinking something along the lines of "Oh, that doesn't look too bad!" and in reality its not. But, for most people cleaning your bathtub could take an entire hour. So, how do you complete these tasks in only 20 minutes? Like we've said before, we are here to help!

Tips and Tricks for Dusting: The easiest way to dust your home is from top to bottom- ceiling fans and light fixtures, to baseboards and everything in between. Be sure to use a duster or microfiber cloth. Avoid feather dusters as they simply move dust from one place to another. If you don't have either a duster or microfiber cloth, a damp cloth will work just fine. Start with your ceiling fans - damp paper towels work great for this task!. Be sure to dust any surface that you can rest your fingertip on. Work your way from top to bottom, one room at a time. If you have a vacuum with a soft-brush attachment, you can leave the baseboards alone and come back to them at the end. once you have dusted all of your surfaces, you can use your soft-brush attachment and vacuum your vents and baseboards. If you do not have a soft-brush attachment, you can also dust them as you work through each room with your duster or microfiber cloth.

Tips and Tricks for Kitchen Appliances: We all know kitchen appliances can sometimes be the most stressful items to clean our home. Things get stuck and you sometimes apply so much elbow grease you want to just give up. Here are tips for your most used kitchen appliances.

Oven: The oven can take the longest, so we recommend you actually begin this the night before. Simply take your oven racks out of your oven and remove any build up. Mix baking soda and water to form a paste like consistency. Using gloves, apply the paste to the entire surface area of the oven and let is sit over night. Then pour baking soda over your oven racks spray them with white vinegar. When the baking soda begins to foam, submerge the racks into a hot tub of water and let them sit over night. The next morning wipe your oven down with a damp cloth. If some spots are stubborn you can spray white vinegar and continue wiping until clean. If you find very stubborn spots of build up, simply use a plastic spatula to ensure you do not scratch your oven. Remove oven racks from tub and wipe them down. You're all done!
Microwave: All you need is a microwave safe bowl, lemon, water, and cleaning towel. Pour 1/2 cup of water into the bowl. Slice lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the bowl and place both halves in the bowl. Set microwave on high for 3 minutes and let it sit for another 5 minutes. During this time, the steam will loosen all the grime. Carefully pull out the bowl and wipe down the microwave. For stubborn spots, dip your towel in the mixture and scrub. You can also use the same towel and mixture to wipe down the front. Fridge: This is not a task that needs to be done every week, but we do recommend you clean your fridge once a month. First start by removing all items from your fridge. Remove any glass panels and drawers. Spray fridge with an equal parts water and white vinegar mixture. Let this sit while you wash the panels and drawers with warm soapy water. Wipe down inside of fridge and build back together. Coffee Maker: This is another task that we recommend to do once a month. Fill coffee maker with equal parts water and white vinegar. Begin brew cycle and stop halfway through. Let it sit for an hour and then finish the cycle. Then run three more brew cycles with only water. Last but not least, give your coffee pot a quick wipe down

Ah geeze! This seems like a lot, but I hope each of you noticed that most of the time these tasks take are simply the items soaking, which means less work for you!

Tips and Tricks for Bathroom Counters, Shelving, and Mirrors: Again, always work from top to bottom. Remove all items off of shelves, counter tops, toilet, etc. Use cleaning solution of our preference and wipe down all surfaces from top to bottom. Be sure to clean all areas of the toilet. Dish scrub brushes actually work great for cleaning the inside of toilet bowls. We also recommend you hand mop the area around the toilet to ensure ever crevasse gets clean.

Tips and Tricks for Showers and Bathtubs: You can simply use a grapefruit, yes we said grapefruit. Cut the grapefruit in half and dip in salt. You can use this as your scrubber. The acidity of the grapefruit, paired with salt creates a perfect, nature friendly, abrasive tool to scrub away the scum. As always, work from top to bottom. If you have issues with mold, simply spray hydrogen peroxide on the area. Once it is done bubbling, wipe it down. Rinse entire shower/bathtub with warm water and dry with towel.

Tips and Tricks for Floors: Depending on the type of home you live in, you may have hardwood, linoleum, carpet etc. This is really up to you and how you want to complete this task, but we will share how our professional cleaners tackle the task of floors. Once our cleaners are finished with the entire house, they do the floors last. They vacuum the entire house thoroughly, and utilize all of the vacuum attachments! Be sure to vacuum the perimeter with the attachments and vacuum underneath beds, dressers, etc. Do this through the entire house and then move on to mopping. Our cleaners always start at the back of the house and move their way to the exit, to ensure we are not stepping on freshly cleaned floors.

Well, this concludes our blog for this month. What a great way to start the New Year! We hope you have all learned some useful tips and tricks to assist you in achieving your 20 minutes A Day Cleaning! For more tips and tricks, follow us on Instagram @greenhomeavl or on Facebook at Green Home Cleaning. We look forward to you joining us on January 30th for our next blog. Happy New Year!

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