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New Year, New Cleaning Schedule!

Happy New Year! 2020 has come to an end, and with a new year comes new resolutions. In 2021, we want to keep a beautiful clean home using only safe, organic products! With the right cleaning schedule, this can be an easy routine. But how often do we really need to be cleaning each part of our homes?

There are a handful of chores that are best to make part of your daily routine in order to keep a clean, tidy home. These pertain to the kitchen and bathroom areas mostly, since they are the dirtiest areas in the house. After each shower, quickly spray down the walls and floor with white vinegar to prevent mildew from forming. This can really help prevent having to do a deep scrub later, saving time in the long run. The kitchen counters should also be disinfected daily, using any organic cleaning solution you prefer. In terms of keeping these areas tidy, make sure to keep towels hung up in the bathroom and dishes cleaned out of the sink daily!

Other duties can be done weekly. It’s helpful to pick one day every week to complete these chores to ensure they’re part of your weekly schedule. These tasks include mopping the floors of the kitchen and bathroom, vacuuming, changing bedding, and tossing any old leftovers or expired food from the fridge. This may also include laundry, cleaning out the microwave or coffee maker if needed, and wiping down the mirrors. Don’t forget to keep up with our weekly posts on Instagram and Facebook for organic cleaning tips!

Some tasks can be done only monthly, or every few months. These are more in-depth chores, such as cleaning the dishwasher and washing machine, washing pillows and comforters, cleaning out the oven, vacuuming your mattress, washing the windows, and cleaning under and behind your furniture, and cleaning the shelves in the fridge (for more fridge cleaning and organization tips, check out last month’s blog post!).

Finally, there are some chores that you only need to worry about annually. This includes deep cleaning your carpets and upholstery, cleaning out the dryer vents, clearing out the gutters, cleaning the curtains, and cleaning out the fireplace. Start 2021 off right by getting these out of the way now!

Until next time, happy cleaning!

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