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Our Favorite Autumn Scents

Autumn is a lovely time of year; for a few of our staff, it’s easily the favorite. The changing color of the leaves, sweater weather up in the mountains, the nearing of the holiday season, just *chef’s kiss*.

One thing that happens in the fall is everyone starts hanging out more inside, either by the fire or by the TV. If the smells of the turn of the season aren’t enough, we LOVE the scents associated with fall, so we figured this month we would tell you our favorite ways of making the home smell nice, and some of our favorite scents as well.

First, the tools. We have a couple different ways we like to get our aromas flowing, like lighting candles and incense, but let’s talk about a couple you may not already know. And one good thing about all these options, they are natural and harmless to the environment!

1 - We all know about

- it’s that old scented bowl you might find at your grandma’s house in the bathroom, full of pinecones and other weird looking things. But did you know you can make fresh potpourri just on the stove? Just take simple things like lemon or orange peels, cinnamon sticks, apple slices, really anything nice smelling, and just simmer it in a pot on the stove! Our personal favorite is rosemary, pine needles, and juniper.

2 - Buy a cheap oil diffuser or humidifier and add oils to the water. While we don’t use essential oils as alternative medicine like some might, we sure do love the smells they have! Oil diffusers are, in our opinion, the BEST way to spread nice smells around the home. The machines do a good job of ventilating the steam, so it really spreads throughout the whole house. Another great thing about these is that there are a ton of different options to choose from, so you really can make your home smell exactly how you want. Our favorite blend at home is a combination of tea tree, rosewood, and lavender.

3 - One great way to reduce odors in the house completely naturally is to decorate rooms with eucalyptus leaves. In the same way you’d place flowers in a vase, you can go to a plant store and buy some eucalyptus, and keep it on a table. The leaves give off a fresh minty smell and absorb other odors.

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