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Time to Get Back Into the Swing of Things!

It has been a very interesting time these last few months to say the least. As states are starting to re-open, more and more people are trying to restore their routines. We would like to share some tips and tricks for getting back into the swing of things!

Some of you may have taken this time to tackle house projects, maintained clean homes, down-sized, or organized etc. Some of you may have taken this time for a much needed break. Many of you have not experienced a change in routine or even had a grueling routine change to continue working within your essential business and for your community (we can never thank you enough!).

Either way, times they are a changing! People are returning to work, kids are attending summer camp, events are being scheduled with social distancing in place. We are in fact, starting to experience and become a part of our new normal. So, let us help you with an easy to follow guideline that you can complete around your home to ensure you can relax when you walk through your front door! What better way to do that than sharing how are team members clean most homes within 3 hours! - Yeah, they're awesome, and so are you!!!

Suggested Supplies:

Dust Wand or Cloth


All-Purpose Cleaner

Anti-Bacterial Cleaner

Scrub Brush

Toilet Brush

Broom and/or Vacuum

Floor Cleaner


Suggested Cleaning Order:


Dusting from top to bottom (dust anything you can rest your fingertip on) Don't forget ceiling fans, light fixtures, blinds, window sills, and baseboards!

Clear/Move items on counter tops

Spray and wipe counter tops and all items

Clean appliances/sinks/mirrors/tubs/showers

Toilet - TIP: Hand mop the floor around the toilet

Bedrooms/Office/Common Area

Dusting from top to bottom (dust anything you can rest your fingertip on)

Spray and wipe all surfaces and items on surfaces (knick-knaks, desktop, lamps, jewelry holders etc.)

Move any items that may be in the way for vacuuming


Vacuum all floors, include corners and floor/baseboard trim, under beds, furniture etc.

Mop floors - TIP: Start in the room/area furthest away from where you want to relax when finished. Always start from the back of the area and work your way towards the door.

This just a simple guide on how to clean your house in a well managed time frame. For any specific tips on any of the cleaning process listed above, please feel free to refer to our other blogs that provide more detail.

We hope that this guideline helps you achieve a clean home in a short period time and prepares you to either continue your routine or get back in the swing of things!

Until next time,

Happy Cleaning!

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