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Welcome Back

Welcome back!

We hope everyone is remaining healthy and safe. During this time it is important for us to stay informed in regards to COVID-19. Unfortunately, that means everywhere we turn whether it be the radio, social media, television, or communicating with others; it is almost always the topic of discussion. This can be quite overwhelming to say the least. But dont worry! We are here to switch it up!

We don't have "Green" in our company title because it is our favorite color. We are Green Home Cleaning because we believe in using organic and natural sources that protect the environment we live in and the Earth in which we are able to live upon. As time has evolved, many simply forget how much our planet truly has to offer. Its easy to visit a store and purchase what you need, or even order it online. But there are some things that we could benefit far more from by doing them ourselves. Having your own garden for example.

There you have it... Its time to trigger your Green Thumb and grow your own herbs from seed!

Herbs are a great way to start your gardening adventures. We use them in our meals, medicinally, and for fragrance purposes. They dont need a specific place to grow, meaning indoors or ourdoors is totally achievable. Herbs can flourish in separate containers, flower beds, or their own herb bed; and lets be honest, they smell amazing!

According to avid gardeners the best and easiest herbs to grow are parsley, oregano, thyme, rosemary, and basil. You can also easily grow lemongrass and chives from already exisiting plants. These are just a few suggestions, there are plenty of options.

So, the next time you venture out to the store or browse online, consider purchasing herb seeds or an herb garden starter kit. It will last you much longer and cost less.

Until next time, happy planting and stay green.

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