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15 Habits to Live your Cleanest Life in 2023

It’s that time of the year again! The time to set goals, form new habits, and promise ourselves that this next year, we will be an entirely different person. Although this is easier said than done, we here at Green Home Cleaning have some great tips for implementing habits into your everyday life that will help you live your cleanest life in 2023.

Keep a spray bottle of vinegar in your shower. Immediately after bathing, spray down your shower and bathtub with a vinegar-water solution to disinfect and ensure a mold-free environment.

Every evening before bed, set a timer for 15 minutes, and do a quick pick-up around your house or bedroom.

Make your bed every morning to help set the day up for success. Your room will already feel so much less cluttered with this one simple task!

Change your air filter as needed. When your air filter becomes clogged, dust and dirt remain in the home, which can lead to respiratory issues such as allergies or asthma.

Clean in the right order: dust first, vacuum after, finish with the mop.

Organize- a place for everything, and everything in its place!

Keep your most used cleaning products in a caddy, which will make it easy to carry them all from room to room.

Make sure your cleaning tools are clean. A dirty tool will only spread bacteria!

Keep a cleaning chart for the whole family to use, in a visible place that will remind everyone to check off their cleaning chores.

Get rid of anything you don’t use. If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing for the entire year of 2022, it’s time to add it to that donation pile!

Stay entertained while cleaning by listening to your favorite audiobook, podcast, or a lively playlist.

When coming in the door, take off your shoes and wipe your pets’ feet. You won’t have to clean up the mud and dirt if you don’t track it in in the first place!

Clean while you cook. By the time your delicious dinner is out of the oven, you will already have that sink full of dishes out of the way!

Use a duvet cover over your comforter to make washing your bedding a breeze and avoid a trip to the laundromat.

Get a cleaning service! Cleaning can get overwhelming, and sometimes it’s the last thing you want to worry about during a busy season. Hand it over to the professionals, and let us work our magic!

These small habits will really add up, preventing an intimidating deep clean in the future. We hope you enjoy these tips, and we wish you all a happy, healthy new year!

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