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5 Ways to Make Your Cleaning Routine More Sustainable

It’s so important to do everything we can in order to live a sustainable life, both for the sake of our environment and the sake of our wallets! There are many easy swaps you can make to make your habits more sustainable, including in your cleaning routine.

Composting. There are many things we may not even realize are able to be composted. Food scraps will never be wasted when they are added to a compost pile, as well as paper products, wine corks, hair, and even cotton products, such as old clothes or towels. This compost will produce great nutrient-rich soil for your garden!

Switching to bamboo cleaning brushes. There are many bamboo options available that are great sustainable swaps for your usual plastic brushes. This can include toothbrushes and dishwashing brushes too. And when they’re at the end of their lifespan, you can even add them to the composter!

Swap out your dryer sheets. Not only are dryer sheets bad for the environment, they often contain fragrances that are harmful to your skin and health. Instead, try changing them out for wool dryer balls! They’re reusable for years on end, and work just as well to help soften and eliminate static.

Air dry your clothes. Using a drying rack or a clothes line to air dry your clothes rather than sticking them in the dryer is not only better for energy use, it can help extend the life of the fabric as well.

Ditch the paper towels! Cleaning can go through so many sheets of paper towels and create unnecessary waste. If you do use paper towels, don’t forget to compost them! Better yet, switch them out for cotton towels that you can re-use for years.

We hope these tips help! Have a happy, sustainable May!

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