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Cleaning and Mental Health

Cleaning and Mental Health...

It is quite fascinating how these two things correlate with one another. Clutter is a main contributing factor to stress. Studies have shown that exercise or activity of some sort can reduce stress levels tremendously, by simply spending just 20 minutes a day.

Imagine how just 20 minutes a day could change the overall look of your home and improve your mental health. Everyone has an extra 20 minutes at some point in there day. You can wake up earlier than usual, plug you headphones in while having a conversation over the phone, or whatever works best for you and your schedule. During this time you can do a quick tidying up around the house, take an extra 5 minutes to make your bed before beginning your day.

This isn't a task that requires you to pull out all of your cleaning supplies at once. You can spend the 20 minutes in one fell swoop or you can even spread it out. Most people prefer to pickup a little bit throughout the day which is easier and less stressful. We just want each of you to know it is possible to come home from work and be able to relax without feeling like you're racing against the clock to get everything done before bedtime. It is possible to come home, kick back and relax, or take your kids to their extracurricular activities without having the "to-do list" running through the subconscious of your brain the entire time.

Lets be real though...a good percentage of people can't just start with 20 minutes a day and the house be spotless. But don't worry! We have tips and tricks to help you along the way.

The most important thing to do first is to create a realistic list of things you want done in your home. On your first day simply spend 20 minutes creating this list. Voila! You've completed your first day! Mentally you should already feel less stressed knowing that you have a plan in place. The best recommendation is to begin by removing unused items from the household, e.g. clothes, books, movies, knick-knacks that remain on the shelf but don't bring you joy anymore. Pretty much removing anything that is making you feel cluttered. Also be sure to include your laundry days for clothes, towels, and bedding. Don't forget to add dusting, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, and of course your floors! Once you've created this list, it is recommended that you divvy up these tasks among the days throughout your week. Modify this to your schedule; if you work 5 days a week and weekends are always slammed with activities, schedule our tasks over the 5 working days and try to complete your tasks in the morning or when you first get home. If you work four 12 hour shifts a week and have three days off, maybe you would prefer to complete your tasks on your 3 days off. whatever you feel will work best for you. This is also a trial and error for you, you may find 2 weeks in the schedule doesn't work and you can then move things around to better fit your needs.

So here's an example: say on Monday mornings (blah!, who likes Monday mornings!?) your task is to clean the kitchen. You could wake up a little earlier than usual, start your coffee pot and while you enjoy the smell of your Monday savior being brewed, you can take a dusting wand and quickly dust from top to bottom of the kitchen. Then pour yourself that cup of coffee and listen to your favorite music, podcast, radio show, or whatever brings you peace. Spray your counter tops, stove and microwave and do a quick wipe down- and please don't forget the front of the fridge-or at least the handles. Clean any dishes used for breakfast, then step back and give yourself a pat on the back, because you just cleaned your kitchen before you even went to work! This is gonna be a good Monday!

Bathrooms and kitchens always seem to be the hardest to clean. There's more bacteria, the lights are brighter and gunk is more visibly seen, and it can feel like a larger task than it really is. You can even spread your bathroom cleaning out over two different days if you'd like. One day do the dusting, mirror cleaning, sink wipe down, and toilet scrubbing, and on the other day to your shower/tub and floors. You get the idea of how to get your house to where you need it. Also, you may be like many of our professional cleaners and want to spend the full 3 to five hours getting your house clean so you can start at square one.

Once your house is thoroughly cleaned you can begin your 20 minutes a day adventure. You'll find over time that you wont even notice you're doing it anymore. So, to start, your task for the next month is to remove unwanted items to reduce clutter in your home. We recommend that you complete one area of your house per week over the next month. Some areas may only take a few minutes, but then you'll have the larger more tedious tasks which should be spread out so you don't get stressed. Remember this is all about being less stressed! Once you've completed this task you can join us back here on the 31st of December where we will share the easiest, most convenient ways to schedule your 20 minute daily cleanings! We can't wait to have you back! Now go show your house who’s boss!

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