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How to Naturally Purify the Air in Your Home

There are so many things in our home to keep clean, it can feel overwhelming at times! We’re constantly cleaning the floors and furniture, but when was the last time you considered how clean your air is?

One thing you can do to help purify the air in your home is keeping plants in the house. Plants have proven purification properties, and some plants have even been proven to convert harmful chemicals, such as benzene and formaldehyde, into oxygen. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance option that’ll help purify, try a snake plant, a ZZ plant, or a peace lily!

There are also things we do in our daily lives that we may not realize are polluting the air in our homes. It’s important to pay attention to what kind of fragrance is being used in the products you use to eliminate odors. There are many of these sprays that contain toxic chemicals in the fragrance, which we quickly ingest into our lungs. For couches and rugs, try using baking soda before vacuuming instead to help remove unwanted smells instead.

Fragrance is also an important thing to note when it comes to candles. The chemicals in many candles can be harmful to our families and pets alike, not just in the fragrance, but also in the paraffin wax. Try switching to candles containing another form of wax, such as beeswax or soy candles.

Another thing we can do to help purify our homes is to dust and vacuum regularly. This can lessen the impact of the allergens the dust contains, especially when we are able to remove it from hard-to-reach surfaces that we may not even realize are covered in dust and allergens. Try doing a deep-dusting monthly!

Last but not least, as our simplest tip, keep a window open! Having a couple of windows cracked around the house will ensure a nice cross-flow that will not only help cool down your home, it will help flush out any pollutants that have accumulated in the enclosed space.

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