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How To Turn A Room In Your Home Into A Classroom

Well 2020 has sure been something to talk about to say the least. People all over the world have been faced with endless challenges. One more so at this time is Virtual School. Depending on where you live, your kids may be attending full time, part time, or are 100% virtual.

Not everyone has access or funds to child care during this time and are finding themselves staying home with their children or even teaming up with others to assist in the education of the generations of our future.

So how do you set up an environment in your home that is inviting, fun, and motivational for kids? It's quite easy actually. For younger children the 2 most important factors are having a routine and their own personal space.

Providing personal space for your child/children can be as simple as ensuring no matter what general space they are in, they have the same spot every time. It's really up to you and what you think the kids will enjoy, whether it is a traditional chair, yoga ball, wobble seat, rug etc.

When decorating the space it is important to have educational activities on display. You want the children to desire to be engaged, if items are out of sight then they are out of mind. Simply use a bookshelf or a clear organizer. For crafting and school supplies, clear over the door shoe organizers are GREAT for this!

If you want to go all out, do it! Visit your local discount store or preferred online delivery company and check out educational posters. You can even get some for only a dollar! You can pin them on the wall or to some sort of poster or matte board so you can easily store and pull out when needed.

The most important part is finding a medium between your own space and creating the space your child needs. Whether that is designating an entire room or using a room where you can easily move the items needed in and out. Whatever suits you best!

Until next time, Happy Cleaning and Happy Teaching!

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