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Staying Organized While Moving

Moving can be really exciting. You have a new space to reorganize in your own way, perhaps a bigger yard, better school district, or a location you've always desired to live in. No matter the reasons it is undeniable that moving can also be stressful and chaotic. No need to stress about everything though. There are ways to ensure your move can go as smoothly as possible.

Our Recommendations:

Go through everything! This is the perfect chance to dig through all of your belongings and get rid of items you no longer need, or find joy in. Downsize!

When packing, complete one room at a time and ensure you have a designated space for packed boxes and containers.

Label each box with the item description and label all four sides and top of the boxes with the room it belongs to in your new home. This guarantees you know what is in each box and also eliminates any confusion of where it goes in regards to any moving helpers you may have conned into being a part of your day.

When everything has arrived in its designated spaces in your new home, begin by placing furniture in the general areas you prefer. For example, if you're sleeping in your new home the first night, ensure beds are set up appropriately in each room.

Once furniture is placed some people prefer to move forward in setting up the basics of their kitchens and restrooms, especially considering these are the high traffic areas in most homes.

It is common and expected that when moving and setting up your new home that there will be one space where plenty of boxes are rotating in and out, this is a good plan to have to make sure that you can 100% complete a room without having stragglers.

Continue to remind yourself throughout your move that it takes not only time and motivation but more importantly, patience and rest. Don't forget that all of us here at Green Home Cleaning are rooting for you. You're doing an amazing job!

Until next time, Happy Cleaning and Happy Moving!

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