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The Simple Power of Vinegar

When you think of a powerful cleaner and disinfectant, you may think of dangerous, toxic chemical products. You probably wouldn't consider a product that you can cook with! Despite what bleach fanatics may try to convince you of, bleach has its match in vinegar. Vinegar is a naturally occurring form of acetic acid, which is a mild antibacterial agent. Aside from its antibacterial properties, vinegar has some hearty cleaning ability! Mixed with other agents, it boosts the antibacterial and oil-removal, leaving surfaces sparkling-clean. The uses of vinegar are nearly endless. In addition to cleaning, it is an excellent item for cooking and for home science experiments (remember the vinegar-and-baking soda volcanoes from grade school?). Its also great for your health, as it boosts digestion and Vinegar is a staple of any homemade cleaning supply. Here are 5 great things you should know about vinegar:

  1. A few cups of vinegar and some baking soda can relieve the nastiest of bathtub clogs- and the fizz entertains the kids

  2. Powerful disinfectant! On its own or coupled with Hydrogen Peroxide, vinegar gets rid of nasty microbes

  3. Glass, chrome & fixtures -- Remove tough water spots and revive the shine in your fixtures with a few drops of vinegar

  4. Bar none, vinegar & water solutions make the best glass cleaners - free of streaks, and much more affordable

  5. Deodorizes -- nasty garbage disposals, dirty trashcans, and odiferous bathrooms beware! Vinegar with a few drops of essential oil will neutralize the nasty odors and leave the deliciously clean scent of your choice.

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