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Tips to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

After another successful spring clean, you may find yourself wondering, “How did everything get so cluttered in the first place?” It’s easy to let the mess slowly build throughout the year until the necessary big clean, which we end up dreading due to the sheer size of the task at that point. There are many ways in our day to day lives we can help this clutter from accumulating.

You’ve heard it before, and we can’t stress it enough: a place for everything, and everything in its place. If every item you bring home has a designated spot for it to go, it will prevent you from bringing home useless items that will bring unnecessary clutter to your space. As an added benefit, everything will be much easier to find the next time you go searching for it.

Sometimes, that “designated space” ends up being a junk drawer. Yes, the phrase “junk drawer” may sound counterintuitive, but for small items such as batteries, small tools, writing utensils, etc. it will help keep small items together and keep the mess contained. Bonus points if you have organizational containers in your junk drawer!

Another easy way to prevent clutter in your home is to switch to paperless options whenever possible. It’s easy to let mail pile up on the counter until you get the chance to sort through it, but switching to paperless billing will significantly help cut down on that pile. Even your favorite magazines and coupons can almost always be found in digital format now. In addition to helping prevent an overwhelming pile of mail, this will cut down on paper use and help improve your carbon footprint!

In today’s age of fast fashion, clothing is something that can add overwhelming clutter to your home. One good rule to implement into your shopping routine is to not buy more hangers unless absolutely necessary. When bringing home a new item of clothing, choose another piece that you never find yourself reaching for, and add that to the donation pile to use its hanger for your new item. This is an easy way to routinely filter through your clothing and avoid an all-day closet clean-out in the future.

We hope these tips are a helpful addition to your cleaning routine!

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