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Ways to clean up after our furry friends

For people who like to have pets such as cats and dogs, the struggle to keep your living space clean is well known! Even though we love our furry friends like family (trust us, we have two dogs ourselves), sometimes it feels like an uphill battle to manage the impact they have on our houses. For Green Home Cleaning’s June blog post, we decided to share some of our favorite tips for managing the spaces we share with our hygienically challenged four legged companions.

For stains like vomit and urine: Forget about all these expensive miracle pet products you see at the pet store meant to take care of tough to clean stains on your carpets. Whether your dog ate something nasty in the yard that just had to be expelled onto your brand new persian rug, or your house training a young animal new to the whole “doing the business outside” thing, a fantastic tool for getting rid of stains and odors is actually shaving cream! Yup, believe it or not, shaving cream contains properties similar to baking soda, and may even be better than any other product for lifting stains from carpets and upholstery. Simply spray and forget, then wipe it up after a few hours and you will be shocked. This also works with things like coffee and wine spills, so it's great for everyone really!

For smells that don’t go away: There are a couple things out there that you may not have thought of to reduce the lingering odors of your animals. One that stands out to us as a pro tip is to clean your animal’s beds at least once every one or two weeks. Us humans smell if we don’t wash our sheets, so of course the same applies to our animals. By washing their beds, you will not only help your animals to stay cleaner and more fragrant but the beds themselves will also cease they’re offense to our senses. If you want to go the extra mile, you can spray the cleaned bedding with natural cleaning products and essential oils, similar to the blends we make at Green Home Cleaning!

For fur that goes everywhere: While we all love that our friends have a nice coat that is soft to the touch, shedding is probably the single biggest problem that pets bring with them that drive humans crazy. Unfortunately, there really isn’t one easy fix-all for this problem, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t bury your guests in a mountain of hairs the next time they come over. Lint rollers are a great tool you can use to get a light shedding off of your furniture, but if it’s gotten really bad, here is a great technique we love. First, take a spray bottle, and *lightly* moisten whatever surface you want to clean with tap water. Then take a rubber brush or a sponge, and brush the hairs into larger clumps, similar to raking leaves in your yard. Then when you’re finished, use your vacuum to suck up the hair balls. The water helps the fur to stick to whatever your using to brush it all away, and you’d be surprised how easily the fur can be removed with this method.

That’s all for now folks but tune in next month for our second installation of our meet the staff series!

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