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Why Work with Green Home Cleaning?

When you’re in need of a job and you’re not sure where to look, it can seem like the options are daunting. Many places are hiring right now, but it is understandable that a lot of these jobs aren’t appealing. The idea of clocking in only to do something you hate, that seems to have no meaning or value, being treated as a brainless body, getting yelled at by your boss, and only getting minimum wage or a couple dollars more is understandably looking worse and worse, especially given the fact that the increasing cost of living means you’ll be barely scraping by on this money if you’re lucky. Believe me, we truly understand that struggle. I, and all of the folks at Green Home Cleaning have been in that position before, and it sucks!

We. Get. It. And we want you to know this: WE ARE DIFFERENT! Green Home Cleaning is hiring, and we want you to know a couple differences between us and the rest of the jobs you may be looking at that we think will really sway you.

1: We start at $15 an hour! We will cut right to it with the most important thing. We start every employee at $15 an hour, regardless of experience level, and the longer you stay with us, the more you earn. We are a Certified Living Wage company, which means we WILL NOT mess with your money. You will be paid, on time, and with no weird surprises or problems you may find at other places. You are a human being, and we see that!

2: You will learn skills you can use for the rest of your life. At Green Home Cleaning, we train you to clean spaces in THE FASTEST AND EASIEST way possible! Have you ever wanted to know how to clean a bathroom in under 30 minutes? We will show you its not only possible, but with some practice, even easy! Have you ever wanted to know exactly which products to use for which problems in your home? We will show you exactly how to clean everything that can possibly happen in a home, using natural products. This means you will never have to hire a cleaner for your own home, and you’ll never waste time or money trying to figure out how to clean your own space. These are life skills we are talking about people! You will take with you the knowledge and ability to keep your space exactly how you want it, clearing your mind and keeping you happier.

3: We actually treat you like a human being! We see job postings all the time, for restaurants, fast food places, you name it, that describe themselves as being “like a big family”. A lot of the time this can be code for “we expect you to work unpaid overtime”, or “we do not respect your life outside of work”. So instead, we will say this. WE LOVE OUR STAFF, AND OUR STAFF LOVES US! We are not joking, pretty much all of the people who work with Green Home Cleaning enjoy each other’s company, and we actively foster a happy atmosphere with our coworkers. We have some pretty interesting Ashevillians on our team, and we all love to get to know each other.

4: We offer set schedules! Once you’re trained, we give you the ability to work consistent, predictable hours that are not all over the place. No crazy late night shifts, no last minute demands to come into work. And generally our work days average from 5-8 hours. Not too bad! We like to make it as easy as possible for you to make the money you need, with no hassle associated.

We’d really love to see your beautiful faces, so send a resume today to today!

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