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5 Tips on Dealing with Clutter

So you’ve just finished your spring cleaning, and just like last year, you can’t believe just how messy your house got in the span of only 12 months! Using these decluttering tips, you’ll set yourself up for success this year and avoid an overwhelming mess next spring.

Make it a habit. There are so many little tasks we do daily that we don’t even think about anymore, as they have become a habit in our day-to-day lives. When you get into the habit of taking the extra minute to make your bed, put away laundry right out of the dryer, or never leave a dirty dish in the sink, you’ll notice these small changes add up in a significant way.

Set a timer. It’s easy to ignore a cleaning project by telling ourselves, I just don’t have time for that right now! Taking a few minutes out of your day every day can be more of a game-changer than you might think. Wherever you may find the time- maybe right after breakfast, when you arrive home from work, or just before bed- set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes and spend that time tidying up. You’ll be surprised how much you can tackle in that time!

Don’t hold onto it if you don’t need it. We know, that gift from your mother-in-law is something you feel you need to keep in the guest closet just in case, and that dress that hasn’t fit you since 2016 might still come back in style. But the truth is, once they’re gone, you won’t miss them! A good rule of thumb to use is that if you wouldn’t want to exert the energy to take it with you if you move, it has no business taking up space in your home. To make things easy, keep a donation bin around for you and your family to add to, and schedule one or two days a month to take that bin to your local donation center.

Notice where you need it. Are there certain areas of your home that you feel constantly overwhelmed by? For example, every time you cook a meal you struggle to find the right tools in a messy kitchen drawer, or you can never find the pair of jeans you’re looking for in an overflowing dresser. Decluttering these areas first will help set the tone for an easy and productive day, alleviating that clutter anxiety. This will make a greater impact in your day to day life than attempting to start your decluttering journey with an attic full of mementos that, yes, is also an important spot to hit, but may not make as much of a daily impact.

If you can’t get rid of it, organize it! You don’t have to become a minimalist in order to enjoy a clean home. There are many storage solutions that can make your home look organized and put-together without getting rid of things you still need or want. Organizational bins can be a great way to group like items, such as cleaning products under the sink, hair care products in the bathroom, out-of-season shoes in the closet, or even snacks in the pantry. Adding these containers will not only help aesthetically, it will make things easier to find when you need them.

By making decluttering a part of your daily life for just a few minutes at a time, you’ll avoid piling up items that you will have to deal with sooner or later. If you implement these small changes now, 2024 you will thank yourself when it comes time for next year’s spring clean!

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