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Cleaning to Burn Calories

We all know we burn calories throughout each day while just completing normal tasks. But, did you know cleaning can be turned into an actual workout? With only a few adjustments as to how you complete your cleaning tasks, you can burn up to 400 calories per hour!

As mentioned in some of our social media posts, listening to music is a great way to get motivated to clean. It is suggested that you choose uptempo music so your body naturally wants to move faster and harder. Increasing your heart rate will help burn calories and who doesn't love music!

Here are some suggestions on how to alter the way you complete cleaning tasks to ensure you get a workout:

Vacuuming: Typically we walk with our vacuum to ensure we do not bend over too much or irritate our backs in anyway. Next time you vacuum, try doing lunges rather than walking. According to experts vacuuming alone burns around 170 cal./hour. So we know it has to be more if you're doing lunges!

Stairs: Instead of walking up the stairs, try speed walking or running.

Bathroom/Shower: So you don't need to alter anything you do in regards to the way you clean for this to burn. With all the reaching, scrubbing, and elbow grease; experts say you typically burn around 360 cal./hour.

Mopping/Sweeping: Again, you do not need to alter how you complete these tasks. Keep doing it the way you are, and will burn up to 156 cal./hour.

Mowing the Lawn: For an average sized yard, experts say you can typically burn 325 cal./hour.

Now, for our Asheville locals, or anyone reading this who lives in an area where you can expect a fair amount of snow during the winter; go ahead and get your shovel and start moving. Rumor has it you can burn a total of 415 calories per hour!

As you can see cleaning is rewarding in so many ways. You get to enjoy the shine after the grime, and you get your daily grind! As always, thank you for reading and join us again at the end of the month for another post on how cleaning can benefit your life.

Happy Cleaning.

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