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Pop Quiz: What’s Your Cleaning Personality?

Do you meticulously polish every surface like a cleaning virtuoso, or do you avoid dusting like it’s a chore from the underworld? Answer a few simple questions and uncover the truth about your tidying tendencies. 

1. What's your approach to cleaning like?

a) I meticulously clean every nook and cranny, making sure everything shines like a diamond.

b) Cleaning? I'll do it...eventually. Maybe. If I absolutely have to.

c) I clean faster than the speed of light, tackling chores like a superhero on a mission.

d) Cleaning is a team effort in my household, and we make it fun by working together.

2. How do you handle clutter?

a) Clutter? What clutter? My space is always immaculate.

b) Clutter tends to pile up, but I'll deal with it when it starts to block the TV.

c) Clutter doesn't stand a chance against my lightning-fast cleaning skills.

d) Clutter is a group problem, so I enlist the whole family to tidy up together.

3. What's your cleaning strategy for unexpected guests?

a) Panic mode activated! I quickly tidy up every corner to perfection.

b) Pretend I'm not home until they go away...or until I can stash the mess out of sight.

c) Speed clean like there's no tomorrow, focusing on visible areas first.

d) Call in reinforcements! It's all hands on deck to make the place presentable.

4. How do you motivate yourself to clean?

a) I thrive on the satisfaction of a sparkling space.

b) Motivate myself? Is there such a thing?

c) The faster I clean, the sooner I can relax and enjoy my free time.

d) Knowing I have backup from my cleaning squad keeps me going.

5. What's your cleaning motto?

a) "A clean home is a happy home."

b) "Cleaning builds character...or so they say."

c) "Clean today, relax tomorrow."

d) "Teamwork makes the clean work!"


Mostly A’s: The Perfectionist

Picture Monica from "Friends" armed with a feather duster. The Perfectionist wants everything so spotless, even the dust mites have a complex. To survive your perfectionistic ways, accept that your house will never be as clean as a hospital operating room.

Mostly B’s: The Reluctant Cleaner

The Reluctant Cleaner would rather do anything—literally anything—than clean. To tackle cleaning without losing your sanity, reward yourself: Finish cleaning the kitchen? Treat yourself to a glass of wine. Finish cleaning the bathroom? Treat yourself to a bottle.

Mostly C’s: The Speed Cleaner

Speed cleaners are like cleaning ninjas, zipping through their chores faster than you can say "dust bunny." To clean at warp speed, invest in time-saving tools like a robotic vacuum cleaner. Just don't let it revolt and take over your home.

Mostly D’s: The Team Player

Team players turn cleaning into a group activity, roping in family members and roommates to tackle chores together. To make cleaning a team sport, assign tasks. Just don't fight over who gets stuck cleaning the toilet.

No Matter Your Personality…

We’re here to help! With decades of combined experience, we at Green Home Cleaning can tackle even the toughest cleaning challenges. Whether you’re a Perfectionist striving for a spotless shine or a Reluctant Cleaner desperately in need of help, our expert team has the tools and techniques to make your home sparkle. 

Ready to get started? Sign up for cleaning services today by completing our New Client Form.

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