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Green Cleaning with Dogs

Keeping a clean house is seldom an easy task, but for canine lovers, cleaning can present some unique challenges. First, how do you prevent shedding and minimize the impact of pet hair on your carpet and furniture? What are some good ways to eliminate that “dog smell” that, while perhaps unnoticeable to the inhabitants of the house, is often quite apparent to guests? And what to do about stains from doggy “accidents”? And, most importantly, how do you take care of all these cleaning conundrums without using toxic chemicals that may be harmful to your pets, not to mention the humans in the house?

In this post, we will try to answer all of these questions and more by providing a few helpful tips for green cleaning with your canine friends in mind.

· Give Your Pup a Green Clean Massage- Most dogs hate baths. But they LOVE to be petted. Did you know that ordinary baking soda makes a great dry bathing solution for dogs? Just rub the baking soda all over your buddy’s coat to cut down on odor and leave the fur shiny and soft. Your dog will probably really enjoy the massage, as well!

· Odor Neutralizing Houseplants- One way to cut down on “dog odor” is to keep your air clean and fresh with certain types of plants. All houseplants are capable of helping to keep the air in your home fresh and purified, but they are not all safe for your pets. Check here for a list of dog-friendly houseplants.

· Scoop Poop Greenly- Do you ever worry about all the plastic going into the landfill when you clean up after your dog on walks? Now there are biodegradable poop bags (link to it) available for purchase online and in major pet supply stores. So you can dispose of your dog’s waste without adding to landfill waste!

· Pawprints on Furniture?- Dogs’ paws get dirty. It happens. But you don’t want mud and dirt on your bed or sofa. An easy solution to this problem is to use a special blanket or throw for your dog to lounge on. There are special ones available, marketed specifically to dog owners, but there’s no reason you can’t just use a regular old blanket. Or better yet, two of them so you can change them out on laundry day.

· Freshen the Dog Bed- Dog beds can get to be pretty smelly pretty quick. But it’s not hard to cut down on the “dog odor”. Just sprinkle baking soda liberally on your dog’s bed or favorite blanket about once a week to eliminate the smell.

· The Green Way to Clean Up Accidents- If your dog has an accident of the pee variety on your carpet or rug, don’t attack it with dog and human toxic chemical solutions! Just pour club soda over the stain, blot dry, and then shake some baking soda on top and let it sit for at least 12 hours before vacuuming.

· Cedar Oil- A cedar oil spray can make your home smell nice, and for an added benefit? It kills fleas and their eggs. There are a couple of commercially produced, all natural cedar oil based flea and tick sprays available on the market.

· Robotic Vacuum- A robotic vacuum is an excellent investment for pet owners. Most of them work on carpet and bare floors, and they clean up after your pet while you are away from home! Plus, you might be able to train your small dog to do what this cat does.

· Brushing- You don’t have to invest in a robotic vacuum to avoid having all the surfaces in your house covered with dog hair. As with all areas of life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Brushing your dog at least once every other day will prevent excessive shedding. Make this a daily routine that you do on the porch or in the yard after you take your pooch for a walk. Your dog will probably grow to expect and enjoy the regular groomings.

That’s it! We hope these green tips increase your ability to enjoy your home and your pets! Oh, and here's one last funny dog meme for you. We couldn't resist!

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