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Six Ways to Clean Your Bathroom in Half the Time!

Have you ever been surprised by unexpected company and realized “My bathroom is a wreck and I don’t have time to clean it!”? Yeah, it has happened to the best of us. But luckily, there are some simple ways to ensure that your bathroom remains in a state of relative order so that it looks good all the time and when cleaning time comes, you’ll only need to do half the work! Check out these great, time-saving tips below.

1. Control Clutter- There are a few items in each person’s bathroom that get used daily, but take up a lot of room on the counter and tend to make the space look cluttered. It might be makeup or hair products. Or maybe it’s your shaving stuff. One easy solution for this is to invest in a cheap plastic tub to store these everyday items. Buy one that’s the right size to hold all of those everyday things, and keep it under the sink. When you’re done using them, you can put the whole container back under the sink and have it out of the way in no time.

2. Creative Towel Storage- Towel racks are often not big enough to hold all the towels you need. But towel hooks are a convenient and inexpensive solution. I especially like the hang-over-the-door kind. These hooks will keep your towels off the floor (or the shower rod or the doorknob) and go a long way toward making the job of cleaning your bathroom quick and easy.

3. Clean the shower before you get out- Keep a spray bottle of 50/50 white vinegar and water in your shower. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, if you like. When you are done with your shower, simply spray the shower walls and fixtures down with the solution. This will keep your shower cleaner longer, and when you do the thorough cleaning, it won’t take so long.

4. Clean the sink while you brush your teeth- Bathroom sinks get dirty quick- but it’s mostly from toothpaste and makeup stains. So, since you’re standing there brushing your teeth each morning and evening and you have one hand free, just go ahead and rinse out the sink while you’re at it. Also, you can keep a cloth nearby to wipe the toothpaste spatters off of your mirror.

5. A Green Soak for your Toilet- Keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide by the toilet or under the sink. Once a day or so (like when you’re brushing your teeth or before you go to bed at night) pour about a half-cup of hydrogen peroxide in the toilet bowl and just let it soak. No need to do anything else. This will make toilet cleaning a breeze!

6. Keep houseplants in the bathroom- If you have natural sunlight in your bathroom, and even just a little space, consider putting in a small houseplant or two. Plants help improve air quality, combat foul odors, and are pretty to look at! Choose a tropical variety that will benefit from the heat and humidity generated by your shower!

With these habits cultivated, next time your mother-in-law calls five minutes before she’s about to turn up unexpectedly in your driveway, it’ll be no problem to whip the bathroom into shape before she arrives!

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